<10=less than 10 LD from Earth

EBN Timeline for June 2017

<SI=inside Earth SOI (sphere of influence)
M<1=less than 1 LD from the Moon
E<1=less than 1 LD from Earth (intruder)
LD = lunar distance (average Earth-Moon distance)
2 June 2017
UTBoundary Transitions<10<SIM<1E<1
18152017 HU49 exits 10-LD bubble0000
1557418094 2007 WV4 exits 10-LD bubble1000
1 June 2017
UTBoundary Transitions<10<SIM<1E<1Events
15082017 CS exits 10-LD bubble20001208418094 2007 WV4 closest Earth approach = 7.96 LD

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