MPC Ephemerides for Objects with Impact Solutions & Recently in News
Note: As a convenience to NEO observers, this form obtains formatted data
      from the IAU Minor Planet Center, which is not associated with A/CC.

List dated as of 1905 UTC on 29 March 2017




Last news

2017 FR102V=21.8, el.=156.1°1.88320892017-03-296.7e-060-5.20-5.44
2017 FB102V=21.4, el.=152.4°1.54820542017-03-295.1e-050-5.36-5.62
2017 FE101V=20.0, el.=175.8°3.66020332017-03-291.95e-080-4.17-4.52
2017 FX90V=18.8, el.=150.1°2.57420952017-03-294.07e-080-8.12-8.12
2017 FW90V=20.2, el.=167.1°3.95621012017-03-291.69e-050-6.62-6.9NHATS target
2017 FU64V=19.4, el.=161.1°6.99620432017-03-293.1e-090-7.46-7.47
2017 FL64V=23.0, el.=154.4°9.91521112017-03-282.0e-060-7.94-8.22NHATS target
2017 FO63V=20.9, el.=74.2°7.77520972017-03-292.43e-060-4.59-4.59
2017 FD3V=23.3, el.=164.7°8.01520632017-03-282.72e-090-9.84-9.84
2017 FC3V=22.4, el.=162.4°8.75120442017-03-298.6e-070-5.10-5.29
2017 FA3V=24.2, el.=153.6°5.06321162017-03-277.53e-090-9.89-9.89
2017 FZ2V=nil, el.=8.3°4.94821012017-03-252.0e-060-6.84-6.87NHATS target
2017 FN1V=nil, el.=8.6°0.47320332017-03-233.3e-040-5.53-5.55
2017 FC1V=20.6, el.=153.1°14.16420642017-03-291.48e-060-6.37-6.37
2017 FB1V=22.9, el.=147.3°6.68220712017-03-273.3e-060-4.67-4.89
2017 FVV=19.1, el.=128.9°10.98121032017-03-292.78e-070-6.56-6.78radar target
2017 EB23V=23.3, el.=92.7°4.66920892017-03-213.7e-100-9.62-9.62
2017 EA23V=31.3, el.=21.5°2.02921102017-03-208.0e-100-9.93-10.2
2017 EAV=34.3, el.=29.6°0.17920462017-03-032.36e-060-7.97-8.03
2017 DC120V=22.0, el.=146.1°1.27620202017-03-211.8e-070-5.01-5.28
2017 DB120V=20.4, el.=150.5°2.40420392017-03-211.3e-080-6.85-7.44
2017 DA120V=21.9, el.=124.2°0.92820242017-03-203.2e-100-6.65-6.77
2017 DW119V=24.0, el.=177.4°2.72220232017-03-222.5e-060-5.98-6.2
2017 DP109V=27.4, el.=57.9°7.06820572017-03-039.84e-070-6.96-7.32
2017 BL30V=27.0, el.=24.7°38.82620982017-03-181.34e-080-7.42-7.46NHATS target
2017 BK30V=27.1, el.=93.6°8.56420852017-03-154.99e-070-7.57-7.83
2017 BD6V=28.3, el.=155.2°7.16720832017-03-151.29e-080-9.84-10.18
2016 WJ1V=23.5, el.=55.5°4919.60621042017-03-167.12e-070-4.58-4.98
2016 WYV=31.5, el.=40.3°9.98520922017-03-151.0e-040-6.47-6.57NHATS target
2016 VHV=29.4, el.=95.6°27.16021152017-03-272.36e-090-9.97-9.97NHATS target
2016 TT92V=30.9, el.=82.6°35.97520992017-03-272.58e-080-8.61-8.61
2016 TB57V=22.0, el.=177.4°195.78820992017-03-278.3e-090-9.10-9.2NHATS & radar target
2016 RD34V=27.3, el.=99.8°101.90020512017-03-184.17e-030-3.75-4.16NHATS target
2016 NL39V=31.6, el.=48.4°27.97520552017-03-103.24e-030-4.02-4.19NHATS target
2012 TC4V=30.6, el.=73.1°7.28120202017-03-239.1e-050-4.68-5.71NHATS & radar target
2008 EM68V=30.8, el.=86.1°0.11020172017-03-131.3e-050-5.31-5.65
2008 EK68V=34.3, el.=41.9°0.04020192017-03-045.0e-060-7.65-9.10
Note: The above risk-rated objects stay listed here until scrolled off the CRT page for lack of news.

These next risk-rated objects are not under active observation but some may be achievable targets:

ObjectVisibilityObs. ArcNotes
2017 AA21V=24.4, el.=136.4°1 day arc, last obs. 2017 Jan. 4
2017 AY20V=22.8, el.=86.2°1 day arc, last obs. 2017 Jan. 4
2016 RQ41V=23.4, el.=83.2°1 day arc, last obs. 2016 Sept. 13
2016 JT38V=24.1, el.=88.2°1 day arc, last obs. 2016 May 5
2015 TC25V=22.6, el.=141.5°1 day arc, last obs. 2015 Oct. 12NHATS & radar target
2015 HV182V=24.1, el.=135.8°1 day arc, last obs. 2015 Apr. 19
2015 BS516V=21.6, el.=75.6°3 day arc, last obs. 2015 Jan. 28
2014 NJ65V=22.9, el.=88.7°2 day arc, last obs. 2014 July 9NHATS target
2014 NW64V=18.0, el.=86.4°1 day arc, last obs. 2014 July 2
2014 MV67V=22.3, el.=93.7°1 day arc, last obs. 2014 June 25
2014 JU79V=23.5, el.=102.2°1 day arc, last obs. 2014 May 6NHATS target
2013 JA17V=24.1, el.=63.0°4 day arc, last obs. 2013 May 12
2012 BG96V=21.9, el.=93.9°2 day arc, last obs. 2012 Jan. 29
2011 SR52V=21.2, el.=53.2°3 day arc, last obs. 2011 Sept. 26
2011 KF36V=24.2, el.=125.4°2 day arc, last obs. 2011 June 1
2011 BP40V=24.0, el.=160.6°3 day arc, last obs. 2011 Feb. 2NHATS target
2010 MZ112V=24.0, el.=127.4°1 day arc, last obs. 2010 June 24
2010 MY112V=23.0, el.=62.1°1 day arc, last obs. 2010 June 25
2010 AU118V=2.9, el.=122.5°1 day arc, last obs. 2010 Jan. 15
2008 UV99V=21.6, el.=53.1°1 day arc, last obs. 2008 Nov. 1
2006 HE2V=23.6, el.=122.2°3 day arc, last obs. 2006 Apr. 22NHATS target
2001 SB170V=23.7, el.=91.0°23 day arc, last obs. 2001 Oct. 13

Visibility - apparent magnitude & solar elongation at 0600 UTC on March 30th
           - V > 22.0 is out of view for most observers & V > 24.4 is out of view for almost everyone else
           - el. < 60.0° is leaving view for many observers & el. < 40.0° is out of view for everyone
Arc        - the longest observing arc (in days) used by either risk monitor for its risk analysis
VI#1       - the year with the earliest virtual impactor solution currently listed by either risk monitor
Last news  - last day UTC on which A/CC had news to report about this object's risk assessment
Cum. prob. - highest cumulative probability calculated for Earth impact (1.0/1.0e-06 = "one in a million")
TS         - highest Torino Scale rating reported by either risk monitor for this object
PS cum.    - highest Palermo Scale cumulative rating reported by either risk monitor
PS max.    - highest Palermo Scale maximum rating reported by either risk monitor

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Observatory code:
Display positions in: truncated sexagesimal or full sexagesimal or decimal units

Total motion & direction Separate R.A. & Decl. sky motions Separate R.A. & Decl. coordinate motions
Display motions as: "/sec "/min "/hr °/day

Suppress output   if sun above local horizon   if object below local horizon
Generate perturbed ephemerides for unperturbed orbits
Also display elements for epoch

Format for elements output:
none MPC 1-line MPC 8-line
SkyMap (SkyMap Software) Guide (Project Pluto) MegaStar V4.x (E.L.B. Software)
TheSky (Software Bisque)

If you select 8-line MPC format, you may display the residual block for the objects selected:
Show residuals blocks.Show only residual lines containing observations from code . If you select 8-line MPC format the elements will be displayed with the ephemerides. If you select any format other than 8-line MPC format, only the elements are returned. In such cases your browser should download the elements file and save it to your local disk.