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Cover: Yesterday's Daily Orbit Update MPEC reported observations of small object 2001 TY1 by NEAT's Mt. Palomar telescope in southern California on 6 October 2001, three days before its discovery by LINEAR. Three trailed images were located in the SkyMorph archive by Josep Julia Gomez, who says they are “beautiful images,” as you can see with the second one at left, with object sky motion of 38.06"/min. in PA 50.3°. This work added 3.057 days to what had been a 37.124-day observation arc, most of which is a 22.136-day gap before the last two positions were reported from Mauna Kea. And this work caused the object's MPC orbit U uncertainty rating to go from 6 to 2.

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News briefs

Comet risks:  A report at SpaceDaily today tells about a theoretical threat from undetected ultra-dark comets. Rather than send readers down a long and thin news thread, here's a recap of related news items about this controversial idea posed by Chandra Wickramasinghe and Bill Napier, and promoted again in a 26 October Cardiff University news item.

These reports refer to April news of no moon found orbiting 90377 Sedna (2003 VB12, see report), and to a June 2002 explanation of the mass disruption of Oort Cloud comets. See also July news about theories on how Sedna arrived at the orbit it now travels.

Observatory news:  The Illinois Journal Gazette and Times-Courier has an article today about a new remote-controlled observatory at Eastern Illinois University (EIU) that will be used for teaching and research. And now the

“university will commence a search for supernovas (exploding stars) and asteroids, and will also take part in a study of pulsars.” See also EIU first and second news releases from yesterday regarding tomorrow's observatory dedication.

Meteor news:  The Ironwood, Michigan Daily Globe reported yesterday that Michigan Technolgical University's Seaman Mineral Museum has received “an extraordinary collection of thousands of mineral specimens,” from which it has put on display “an 8-inch slice of the Brahin Meteorite, found in 1810 in Minsk, Byelorussia. [It] is a high-grade pallasite — a rare meteorite type showing an olivine/nickel-iron intergrowth.” See also a museum September 17th news item.

Numbers & names:  The Minor Planet Center today updated its Discovery Circumstances pages with 5,483 new asteroid numberings, topping out at 96154 5121 T-3. There were 72 new namings, all for objects discovered by LINEAR, from 20351 Kaborchardt (1998 HN127) to 20585 Wentworth (1999 RG160).

The JPL Mars rover site has a 11 October item about the namings of 37452 Spirit (4282 P-L), and 39382 Opportunity (2696 P-L) in the previous batch of new namings September 29th (report). The most recent new numberings came in the September 2nd update (report).

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Risk monitoring yesterday 27 Oct. tomorrow

There is no news to report today in risk monitoring, which isn't uncommon during the time of the full Moon. The most recent news regarding other objects with impact solutions came last Saturday, and the only object recently in view that still has impact solutions, 2004 RQ252, is now out of view. There have been no further developments in its risk assessment since October 13th, two weeks ago, so we will stop listing it tomorrow in A/CC tables used to report only active concerns.

Summary Risk Table - sources checked at 2159 UTC, 27 Oct




 2004 RQ252 NEODyS 10/132017-20171-6.92-6.92022.778
JPL 10/3R E M O V E D
VI = count of "virtual impactors" (impact solutions)
See A/CC's Consolidated Risk Tables for more and maybe
  newer details, and check the monitors' links for latest info.
Note that only objects recently in view are shown here.   [ top ]
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