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Traffic Report  on 27 August '18

Four objects reported inside ten LD

Four transient natural objects are known to be within ten lunar distances (LD) of Earth today. Nearest is inbound radar target 1998 SD9, which moves in from 6.97 to 5.26 LD.

Neighborhood Traffic - sorted by Earth passage distance, grouped by 5.0 & 10.0 LD boundaries
Earth passage I D ~Size Distance today  Inside ten LD Notes
2.80 LD Aug. 20 2018 QE 9 m  7.37 to 8.29 LD Aug. 10 - 29 NHATS target, risk
4.22 LD Aug. 29 1998 SD9 49 m  5.26 from 6.97 LD Aug. 25 - Sept. 2 radar target
7.80 LD Aug. 23 2018 PU23 8 m  7.87 to 7.92 LD Aug. 7 - Sept. 13 NHATS target, risk
9.36 LD today 2018 LQ2 37 m  9.36 LD Aug. 17 - Sept. 6 NHATS target, Earth closest at 2134 UTC - DOU
Approaching Traffic
8.50 LD Sept. 20 2017 SL16 23 m  34.89 from 36.28 LD Sept. 17 - 24 NHATS target

This report was generated at 1740 UTC with follow-up in today's DOU MPEC for passing 2018 LQ2.

<< Reading:  Osaka University has a news item about determining the age of 25143 Itokawa (1998 SF36) from particles gathered by the (first) JAXA Hayabusa mission, "finding that the parent body of Itokawa was formed about 4.6 billion years ago when the solar system was born [but has] a time evolution different from that of the parent body of LL chondrites" despite having mineralogy and geochemistry similar to those meteorites. You can read the related science paper at the journal Nature.

Notes: Ten times the distance to the Moon (ten LD) has no astronomical importance but is a useful boundary for reporting about transient natural objects that approach our planet's gravitational sphere of influence (SOI), which has a radius of about 2.41 LD from Earth's center. This puts a focus on some of the most important and very best NEO observation work, representative of the much larger NEO discovery and tracking effort. Object temporal distances are derived by A/CC from JPL Horizons data. See also current sky chart and object details (alt-details), ephemerides, and today's timeline.

NEOCP Activity  on 27 August '18

The MPC's NEO Confirmation Page has 22 listings

When last checked at 2358 UTC today, the Minor Planet Center's Near Earth Object discovery Confirmation Page (NEOCP) had 22 objects listed. Of these, three were "one nighters." So far The Tracking News has counted a total of 25 listings on the NEOCP today.

To learn how observers use the NEOCP, see the Practical guide on how to observe NEOCP object at Suno Observatory by Birtwhistle et al.

New MPECs  on 27 August '18

Minor Planet Electronic Circulars

As of last check at 2358 UTC, there have been two MPECs posted today from the International Astronomical Union's Minor Planet Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

<< DOU on 27 Aug. '18 >>  MPEC 2018-Q74 - "12:04 UT" - Daily Orbit Update

MPEC 2018-Q73 - "11:07 UT" - 2003 TO9

Observers  on 27 August '18

Fourteen observers appear in today's MPECs.

CodeObserver / observatory
H21Astronomical Research Obs. Westfield in Illinois, 10 in MPEC 2018-Q74 -- 2018 PV10, 2018 PS23, 2018 PL9, 2018 PL8, 2018 PK21, 2018 PJ22, 2018 NN4, 2018 NN, 2018 MS6, 2018 KE3
160Castelmartini Obs. in Italy, 13 in MPEC 2018-Q74 -- 2018 PL8, 2018 PL10, 2018 NN4, 2018 NB, 2018 MM8, 2015 OH, 2015 AX16, 1999 VQ11, 1999 RB32, 65706, 162168, 9856, 3552
J27El Guijo Obs. in Spain, 1 in MPEC 2018-Q74 -- 1999 RB32
K83Forti Obs., 2 in MPEC 2018-Q74 -- 18109, 13553
W19Kalamazoo Obs. in Michigan, 1 in MPEC 2018-Q74 -- 86324
Z22MASTER IAC Obs. in the Canary Islands, 1 in MPEC 2018-Q74 -- 433
I41Palomar Transient Factory in southern California, 1 in MPEC 2018-Q74 -- 138847
K63Pascoli Obs. in Italy, 2 in MPEC 2018-Q74 -- 2018 PL9, 2018 LQ2
W71Rand II Obs. in New York, 1 in MPEC 2018-Q74 -- 68950
C95SATINO-1 in France, 1 in MPEC 2018-Q74 -- 2013 EP41
204Schiaparelli Obs. in Italy, 2 in MPEC 2018-Q74 -- 2015 OH, 2015 DP
W34Squirrel Valley Obs. in North Carolina, 1 in MPEC 2018-Q74 -- 518635
T12UH/Tholen NEO Follow-Up 2.24m Telescope in Hawaii, 1 in MPEC 2018-Q73 -- 2003 TO9
T14UH/Tholen NEO Follow-Up CFH Telescope in Hawaii, 1 in MPEC 2018-Q73 -- 2003 TO9
For a list of all participating observatories that have Web addresses, see A/CC's Observatory Links page.

Impact Risk Monitoring  on 27 August '18

At last check (NEODyS at 2358 UTC) there was no risk monitoring news to report yet today. Visit the CRT to view activity in the last four weeks and our ephemerides page for a complete list of risk-rated objects under current observation or having recent news.

Chronology  on 27 August '18

Times are UTC for when items were noted or added by The Tracking News.

1740Generated Traffic Report
1430Grabbed MPEC 2018-Q73 - 2003 TO9 - see above
Grabbed MPEC 2018-Q74 - Daily Orbit Update - see above