2004 XP14

2004 XP14's 2006 Close Passage

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Updated: 1 Aug. 2006


2004 XP14 by Robt. Hutsebaut 
at 0834:41 UT on 3 July 2006 
using Rent-a-Scope at N.M. Skies

2004 XP14 leaving Cassiopeia
headed northeastward early on July 3rd
an image from Robert Hutsebaut,
who writes that this is a "60-sec. shot of 2004 XP14. Mid-exposure 08h34m41sec UT (July 3) with the 0.25-m astrograph at H06 (New Mexico Skies Observatory). At that moment the object was moving at a speed of 378"/min. towards 317° and was 0.0033 AU from us, a little more than one Lunar distance."


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